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Tulle Fabric Supply - Wholesale Tulle Fabric Supplier

Tulle Fabric Supply - Wholesale Tulle Fabric Supplier

Bulk Tulle Fabric Supply Wholesale

We carry a large selection of soft tulle fabric, including tulle rolls, tulle bolts, tulle circles, glitter tulle rolls, glitter tulle bolts, and glitter tulle circles. Our fine quality soft tulle is lightweight and made of 100% nylon. Customers have used our tulle for wedding and event decorations, bridal veils, and costumes. Our customers also use our tulle circles and glitter tulle circles for wrapping gifts and party favors. Our tulle bolts comes in the following sizes without glitter:

- Small: 6" x 25 yard tulle spools
- Medium: 54" x 40 yard tulle bolts
- Large: 108" x 50 yard tulle bolts

With glitter:
- Small: 6" x 10 yard glitter tulle rolls
- Medium: 54" x 15 yard glitter tulle bolts