Bulk Craft Feathers

CB Flowers and Crafts carries bulk feathers and craft feathers in our online wholesale warehouse. Our wholesale feathers are perfect for arts and crafts, centerpiece design, costume decorations, jewelry making, mask making, millinery, and other craft projects. Our wholesale craft feathers are available in 3 sizes. The length of each turkey feather varies because of normal variation in this natural product. Feather count varies based on the feather size. Orders of our bulk feathers in the 8-10 cm and 12-15 cm sizes come with approximately 500 feathers and orders for bulk feathers in the 16-19 cm size come with approximately 250 feathers.

  • 8-10 cm; 500 feathers (Item# FTS0810)
  • 12-15 cm; 500 feathers (Item# FTS1215)
  • 16-18 cm; 250 feathers (Item# FTS1618) 

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